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Artificial Mountains




Artificial Mountains Shinjuku,15:35:10.00 Shinjuku JAPAN 2012 Edition 4/5 Eduton 5/5 Black&White Spider Awards 2020 : Nominated Creative Awards 2020 Siena Italy : Commended SPIEGEL : https://www.spiegel.de/reise/creative-photo-award-fernweh-in-bildern-a-ed110480-13eb-447d-be7e-d06687281d70 人間が作り上げる巨大人工山脈・大都市東京。 都市における完成とは一体何だろうか。あらゆる建築群、人々の生活、張り巡らされた道路が複雑に集合して都市となる。そうしたことを都市を撮るときは常に考える。そうした中で答えの様な瞬間に出会えた気がしたのだ。 High-rise buildings, people's lives, and maze of streets all gather to form a city.  I’ve been taking photographs of numerous big cities in the world and asking myself a question every time; “What is a completed city?”  I felt like I witnessed the moment which answered to it when taking this photo.